Photo of the paperback and hardback editions of 'Democracy and Leadership.'From a 2016 review of Democracy and Leadership:

“Weber is direct and interesting…. Weber demonstrates critical and creative thinking skills when detailing solutions to public problems such as the controversial presence of sex education and corporal punishment in public schools, and the challenge of respecting free speech while confronting the prospects of a KKK rally at the University of Mississippi…. Weber’s book is useful and even inspiring, and the weight of common opinion should incline in favor of this work.” (The Pluralist)

No State is permanently safe except on a foundation of justice. And justice cannot be fundamentally in contradiction with the essence of democracy.

James Tufts
John Dewey
Ethics (Carbondale, IL : Southern Illinois University Press, 1908 / 2008)

Good people won’t be willing to rule for the sake of either money or honor… Now, the greatest punishment, if one isn’t willing to rule, is to be ruled by someone worse than oneself. And I think that it’s fear of this that makes decent people rule when they do.

Republic (Indianapolis, IN: Hackett Classics, 2004), Book I, 347b–c.