Cartoon of a cartoonist at his drawing desk, with Death in a black hooded robe and with his scythe at the door yelling "Deadline!"

I had two deadlines Friday. Made one of them. The grant application is out. I’m so lucky that the other deadline was more flexible. BUT, today’s the deadly deadline… This guy at his desk is me today. MUST get this done. Final edits are due on my latest journal article. The piece is important for my book, A Culture of Justice. It’s first coming out in a journal. Helpful feedback is the best part of journal publishing, not that reviewers are ever encouraging. The important part is that they’re often right about some ways in which I could improve my work.

I’m grateful to artist Oliver Ottitsch ( for permission to post his artwork, “Deadline” (February 22, 2013), which he kindly granted me. I ordered one of his books today, most of which are in German, though one is in French and one’s in English. The cartoon above is online here.

Oliver’s piece inspires me today, including now, as I do something fun for a few minutes before (instead of) finishing my edits! Back to work!